Colourful Textures of Sea, Sand, Sunset

seashore acrylics painting

Soft, nearly monochromatic colours combine with rich sandy textures and echo the loveliness of my seashore. It evokes the serenity I feel walking along the Western Australian beaches as the sun flares and sinks below the horizon.

seashore acrylics painting
Salmon Seashore acrylics mixed media,

With the sun paling to a soft salmon peach I wanted to ensure my painting palette reflected the quieter Zen tones. For me that was the real key to this group of paintings.

To recreate the scene, I sat.  And internally listened again to the sounds of the gentled waves receding,  soothing the spirit,  while refreshing the mind.


I had great enjoyment creating these expressive, textured acrylics based on my walks along the Western Australian seashore. No, they’re not perfect. But they speak, they evoke.  They say…. just enough, for me.



sunset acrylic painting
Sunset’s Textures acrylic painting

Art Process: Paint Bold, Be Authentic


I’ve mentioned in prior posts that creating art is about 80% thinking and planning with just 20% being physical, hands on  painting.   Its all about ‘getting in the zone’. Getting my mind into the creative place where I am free to take risks and be bold.

Ahh.  Easier said than done.  But, it is in this place that I am Authentic.

Not trying to be or paint like someone else, not trying to get someone else to ‘like’ me, not trying to influence the boss, the coworkers, the neighbours……  I am me.   Authentic.

This is so important to my art.

To all our art actually.  To be authentic, truthful. Paint from the real artist within. Resist the false, the fake.  You know the one that says,  “your own work isn’t good enough. so don’t risk it.”

Not all work will be good.   Some – will be great.  So yes, it is risky.  A roll of the dice.   But so fun!



Flare at Sunset, acrylic painting
Flare at Sunset acrylic painting,

Getting into the creative zone, sometimes its just seeing the paintbrush in front of me. But often music, colour, textures will coax things along.

Or some days, its looking through the lens of a camera sitting along a beach.  The muse takes many forms,  it seems to always be fluid and changing.

sunset flare photograph
Sunset Flare photo

When I notice that another artist is being courageous and authentic,  I always try to be an  encourager.  It fans the flame.  It fuels their authenticity,  just 3-4 little words.

I like to Pass It Forward.   I bet you do too!


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14 thoughts on “Colourful Textures of Sea, Sand, Sunset

  1. Sunset’s textures is awesome. I see so many sea birds and even a figure. Really authentic stuff, Debi! And thanks for being an encourager to me. A few words cost very little, mean so much. Have a great week. 💛

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    1. thanks Laura! I see your weekly Progress & how dedicated -Resolved- you are to improve your skills & it makes me smile. maybe other people have an idea there is a ‘Quota’ on how many kind words they’re allowed…, LOL

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  2. Hi Debi, You caught it…. lovely and serene. I can see it, too, now, through your art. Thank you so much. Thumbs up! Best wishes, Leslie


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    1. hi Leslie, thank you 🙂 I’m glad you like it! I was wondering the other day how you were getting along with your art, so thought I’d ask! Been doing any watercolours?


  3. Great advice Debi! I was just reading an article on the importance of being fearless as an artist and this post fit right into that thinking. Thanks for sharing your words and art. Always a pleasure to see. ~Rita

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