Exciting Art Prize Award!

Indian Ocean acrylic painting debiriley.com

Very exciting news for me, and I’m sharing the good news!    My acrylic mixed media painting Indian Ocean Coastline, W.A.  has just won the Curator’s Pick Art Prize, at the MCAA annual Art Exhibition in Perth, Western Australia.

Indian Ocean acrylic painting debiriley.com
Indian Ocean- Art Prize Award:Curator’s Pick

Acrylic Mixed Media  Techniques

The painting is a modern abstract using thick Indian Village watercolour papers collaged together for a multiple layered approach.

I used the colours found along the coastline here, predominately ochers, siennas, with a rich prussian/ultramarine blend.  There were significant textural techniques to provide a sense of age and a rough natural grittiness that is also quite prevalent on the beaches and sandstone escarpments.

The other major technique I used was to take acrylics into a plastic bag, poke a small hole and then squeeze the paint throughout the image centrally. This was to increase texture but also to reflect the movement of both land, sea and waves upon the shoreline.

The frame and matt, which is integral to art presentation,  I chose specifically for its neutrality.  I also specified to have the image ‘floated’ on top of the lovely terracotta matt board, which would increase the sense of depth.


The MCAA Art Awards 2015  Judge’s  Comments on my painting, Indian Ocean Coastline WA,

 “This work has an almost Timeless quality of sea, sand, earth and current.  Very suitably framed too!”     



More Exciting News!

Do you remember my post on Dreams of an 8 Year Old Artist  ?   She entered into the youth division and won First Prize with her Matisse’s Woman!     She was very happy indeed. As I was myself.

Matisse's Woman by Taylor a pastel drawing on handmade paper
Matisse’s Woman by Taylor a pastel painting on handmade paper, debiriley.com

Art Makeovers

Did you know,  your art images can be made to look sensational   with the right ‘accessories.’  The right frame, the right matt.  Neutral frames and white matts nearly always help an image.  Not too much bling bling going on in the matt colours and the frame’s details.

Its quite bit like a  “Makeover”  effect, i.e.   if you have the right makeup, wardrobe, hair –  we all can look quite glamourous.  A painting is nearly The Same Thing.  Just something to think about……….




Things have been busier than normal around here.

I’ve had several major art projects on the go at the same time and deadlines about the same time as well, so my 4:30 am alarms are getting old about now.  But in another 2 weeks things will have quieted down back to normal.

In the meantime,   I’ll be posting and updating as much as possible. I’m thinking I will be using my camera and the new lens for awhile in the posts as my painting time at the moment has dwindled a wee bit.

If you happen to be in Perth, WA and can stop in and visit the Atwell Gallery to view the MCAA 2015 Annual Art Exhibition please do so, there are some lovely artworks to view. Atwell Gallery is at the corner of Northlake Road and Canning Highway, Alfred Cove  phone is 9330 – 2800 for more information and details on art courses being held there.




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  1. ” Congratulations” on your fine Award!!..Thank you so much for posting the good News. I am so happy for Taylor as well!..I follow your posts daily , and bursting with new enthusiasm!!..😊 🌹 from Canada Land Joanne . Wighton . Feeling inspired !!

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    1. hi Joanne, thank you for such a wonderful comment and for following my posts ! At some point, I’d like to do a post on Tom Thompson one of the Canadian group of 7 who was a fabulous artist 🙂


    1. Congratulations to you Debi and to your talented granddaughter Taylor!! Artistic blood runs in your family! So happy for you both. Teresa XX

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      1. Teresa, you’re very kind to say so, thank you!! my only sadness…… You didn’t put any work into the show 😦 How about the Next One?


    1. wonderful to hear your great comments 🙂 thank you! I always love it when people give comments, makes me realise there really are people out there reading my posts, lol. and thanks again !

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