Alien Creatures on a Bush Walk

bark photo

Imagine going on a quiet pleasant nature walk, happily taking in the serene environment. When out of the blue, you discover the tree you’re leaning on is swarming with unknown alien creatures by the hundreds.  Well, it did make me step back, just a little.

insect on bark photo
Alien Up Close photo wood louse
 wood louse
Alien insect on wood bark

Actually, it must have been rather funny to watch. I’d been having a great time on my very relaxing walk. Thinking that it was a nice warm afternoon with a lovely blue sky as a backdrop.

And as you probably know, I love my trees. So, per normal, I get in close. Nose to tree,  right up close and personal, all the better to see all the intricate textures and patterns.

I’m really amazed at just how well they can camouflage themselves. Tricky.

tree bark photo
tree bark

I am thinking I should be investing in a magnifying glass or perhaps better glasses.  But even those wouldn’t  have uncovered those ninja aliens so well hidden amongst the bark’s knots and cracks.

Nature comes up with some astounding disguises filled with beautiful patterns.   But the next time,  I may think about the aliens and look from a distance first.

bark photo
Clean Pretty Bark photo

As to the exact type of insect beetle they are, I’m not entirely certain. I believe they are a type of Western Australian wood louse.  Some of them were up to one inch long, or 3 cm which does not include the length of their antennae.

The spotted pattern on their back shells are quite lovely (once I got past the whole alien insect thing) and could  inspire some abstracted drawings or paintings.

wood bark insect photo
Wood Bark Insect photo

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