I was surprised. Amazed.   I’d planned to post my paintings….. But the colours of the rosemary were simply irresistible.  Cobalt Blue, Maroon, Lavender, Lime green, Rose Pink, Silvery sage green.  The more I look,  the more colours I see!

Many colours of rosemary, Canon macro eos 600d, debiriley.com
The Many Colours of Rosemary, debiriley.com
rosemary macro, Canon EOS 600D, photograph, debiriley.com
Lovely Rosemary, Canon EOS 600d, debiriley.com

Rosemary    Rosmarinus Officinalis

Rosemary is a Mediterranean spice with ‘reported’ benefits.  Apparently, no one really wants to be definitive what the benefits are, merely that “studies suggest.” But, for fun I’ll include a couple.

Supposedly rosemary may be helpful for the memory, (good news for me)   may help with muscle spasms,  may inhibit food borne pathogens, may inhibit cancer cells.   Warnings do exist: not for those with high blood pressure, Crohns, IBD, and a few other disorders. I guess regular normal use on our steak and potatoes is still OK.

Although I’ve been told, at my house,  these things are TWIGS. My guy, does not, under any circumstances – eat TWIGS.   I’ve started to run them through the food processor now instead. Problem solved, no twigs.

Hopefully, he takes one look at the title of the post and refuses to read it!

Look Close to see a disney like world of colour

Look Close up.  Whether you enlarge the photos or you look at your own rosemary plant, you’ll see dozens of colours:   dark foliage prussian greens,  sienna tipped leaves, cobalt blue stamens, deep maroon and rich burgundy seed pods,  lovely petticoats of delicate lavenders,   silvery greys,  sun dappled lime green foliage and soft, lichen grey green buds.

Enchanted by the complexity and variations of colours with the humble rosemary plant, I changed my mind about posting the paintings to posting the rosemary – I couldn’t resist.

Cobalt blue rosemary canon macro photo, debiriley.com
Cobalt Blue Rosemary, Canon Macro, debiriley.com

I’ve always just enjoyed the pretty Cobalt blue colour of the flower, but they are so tiny (less than 1/2 an inch)  they’re quite tricky to actually paint or photograph. So I didn’t bother.

That is, until now with my macro lens. I still have my old Canon EOS 600D cropped body, but now with the Canon 100mm 2.8L macro lens I thought I’d give it a go.  Just ‘to see if it would work’.  I think it did a fairly nice job with the rosemary.

rosemary photo, macro canon EOS 600d, debiriley.com
Trespassers Evidence, Rosemary plant, debiriley.com

This final image “Trespassers’ Evidence”  was quite amusing,   as we have a plethora of neighbours’ male cats who ‘come calling’. Ours stay tucked inside safely away from the  hoons,  the loose dogs, the wandering toms.

That doesn’t stop the other kitties from  Window shopping at our house  though.  Maybe they want to be ‘adopted’ as well!

Perhaps I need to put up a sign that says,  “Full House, NO Vacancy”  …  ahhh,  just a thought.

Thank you for embracing the colours of rosemary with me today and I hope you enjoy your “twigs.”

Cheers, Debi