What a Joyful Day!

Joyful Day photo, Northern Territories
Joyful Day photo, Northern Territories
Joyful Day, Northern Territories photograph

Joyful day.  Sometimes – I need to simply reflect upon the beauty of the day and the  loveliness the day has given to me.

And in this case, I’m revisiting a moment and letting the blaze of sunset wash back over me.

In other words, I’m ‘filling the well.’



    1. we live about 20 minutes from the beaches, but this specific shot was up by Darwin…near Kakadu national park. took my sister there for her birthday a couple years ago & was missing her today 🙂 And Thank You for your kind compliment.

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  1. What a wonderful atmosphere in this photo, Debi. That’s exactly the kind of mood I love to feel joyful, too. I’m looking forward to Greece where sunsets are beautiful and moving, too. Kind regards Mitza

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