What a Joyful Day!

Joyful Day photo, Northern Territories
Joyful Day photo, Northern Territories
Joyful Day, Northern Territories photograph

Joyful day.  Sometimes – I need to simply reflect upon the beauty of the day and the  loveliness the day has given to me.

And in this case, I’m revisiting a moment and letting the blaze of sunset wash back over me.

In other words, I’m ‘filling the well.’

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9 thoughts on “What a Joyful Day!

    1. we live about 20 minutes from the beaches, but this specific shot was up by Darwin…near Kakadu national park. took my sister there for her birthday a couple years ago & was missing her today 🙂 And Thank You for your kind compliment.

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  1. What a wonderful atmosphere in this photo, Debi. That’s exactly the kind of mood I love to feel joyful, too. I’m looking forward to Greece where sunsets are beautiful and moving, too. Kind regards Mitza

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