Beauty Blossoms in Many Forms

pink rose in shadows

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”  A thought provoking Edgar Degas quote,  with the power to transform my art.


pink rose in shadows
Rose in the Shadows photo

What do you see……. Light shining forth from the dark shadows?  or just a pink rose?


Beautiful in form, roses Roses involve nearly all of our senses. Their aroma, satin like feel, sculptural qualities and diverse range of colours are endlessly fascinating and perfect subjects for the artist.


8 Roses – Beauty Blossoms in many forms

These 8 Roses with their own nuances, each elicit a different response within the viewer.  They were either from my own garden, or I took the photo when out on one of my afternoon walks.

I tend to shy away from the standard ‘normal’ bunch of roses you pick up at the shops. I much prefer the ones with Attitude and some character.


Roses with their young youthful buds giving way to the full blown petals that fall to earth. In the Rose, we can find age and youth, joy and sobriety, peace and nostalgia, sorrow and jubilation.

In a way – the story of the rose, reflects our own journey.

wabi sabi rose
Wabi Sabi Rose photo



scarlet red rose  photograph
Scarlet Red Rose photograph

Scarlet red and  violet maroon, petals overlapping. Layer upon layer. Holding tightly onto the centre until at last, time has unfolded all and revealed the rose in its entirety.

maroon rose photo
Maroon Rose photograph


Faded Rose photo
Faded Rose photo


rose centre, gold and cream photo
Rose Centre Gold and creams, photograph


white rose bud photo
White New Bud Rose photograph


pretty pink roses photo
Pretty In Pink Roses photo


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