Inspiration Falls: 7 Sources

Inspiration Falls photo

Inspiration sometimes falls, sometimes falters, sometimes pours down in torrents.  Soak it in.

Inspiration Falls photo
Inspiration Falls photograph


When I needed a little extra inspiration, I found myself looking up.  And there, found just what I needed.


This stunning cobalt sky contrasts in a dynamic way with the stark white falls and the glossy yellow green foliage perched on the face of the rock wall.


Yesterdays Ethereal was a study in soft focus and dreamy soft edges.


Inspiration Falls is all about having a sharper focus on a few more details. The waterfall, the rock face, the green foliage all are decidedly more in focus than Ethereal.   But looking closer, our eyes are still led, from the perimeters into the image. Into and up to the top to the falls point of origin. Where it meets the cobalt sky.   A good location for the focal point.

Tonal values are adequate.  The stark white of the falls provide the Light, the rock face, sky and foliage the Mid tones,  and along the left side and bottom, and top right are some of the deep Darks.


What makes this image stand out, for me?

  • the slash of brilliant cobalt blue sky leading In
  • the pure white falls that feathers out and down like a fan
  • the design elements are big large shapes that are unequal and off centre
  • there is tonal values in sufficiency:  Light, Mid, Darks


Inspired by Waterfalls……..  Impressionistic  Watercolours

Another type of inspired art, great for beginners watercolour landscapes, which we do in courses at University of Western Australia UWA extension  and at Atwell Gallery is  a loose colourful John Singer Sargent approach!

Impressionistic watercolour waterfall
Impressionistic Waterfall watercolours

Another type of Waterfall,  Impressionist Watercolours  from a different location and with a different mood altogether!    Inspired by waterfalls, I’m just saying   “Waterfall”  using  other types of creative tools and media to describe it.

We can be inspired by many sources.

  1. Don’t forget that you can mix your media,
  2.  you can tear your papers, collage
  3. you can take photos and paint ON THEM,
  4. you can ‘zen doodle’ over a wash,
  5. you can crop your paintings,
  6. you can paint oils on paper,
  7. you can look up for Inspiration!

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  1. I love your analysis of your images – from the elements, the dynamics, the tones…. I do that more subconsciously than consciously!

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