Keeping an Eye on Nature’s Soft Edges

Paperbark tree photo canon 50mm EF f1.8

In my last post I’d mentioned, I was next going to do show and tell with the new camera lens. Yesterday’s photo experiments were great fun at the little nature park down the road!

Paperbark tree photo canon 50mm EF f1.8
Paperbark tree photo, Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens

I took quite a few duds, but these two I rather like. I like their Colours, the softness and the depth of tones.

Its going to be a case of Learn As I Go, trial and error. Neither image is perfect, but for the first trial run, I was pleased enough.

More “work”, i.e.  practice is scheduled for later today. Its not really work, more like an adventure, I’m already wondering what kind of images I might create. Once I get the hang of it, maybe some with creative flair….. like a painting.   We will see.


I want to do my practices in stages. So that I won’t overload myself with too much information too fast.  Thinking that by going in slow progressive steps, I may, I hope,  retain the information much better.   It is a hard thing to do, as it gets too exciting and I get so enthused I want to try everything.   But, as a teacher – I know better!

Paperbark Tree photo canon 50mm EF f1.8
Paperbark Tree photo Canon 50mm f1.8

Both photos I used my old Canon 600D with the new lens Canon EF 50mm f1.8  The  apertures at f2.8  for both and the  ISO 100;  the  top image was at 1/640 shutter speed,  the bottom was at 1/800.

I like the richer colours, the lovely soft backgrounds, and the depth of tone in both photos.  These are the same aspects I look for when painting – colours, tones and the soft blurred distance.

Love the soft blurred edges as they are critically important in obtaining depth and perspective when you’re painting.

I feel that this lens definitely helps me to  create a much better image, so I’m quite glad I have it. Much better than the standard lens I’d been using.

Thinking its just about time perhaps for trying out RAW and Lightroom soon…..  and isn’t that the way?

With Each step forward, there is 3 more to take!




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