Discipline can be a hard task master.  You know how it is.   When you get first get something new, you feel the overwhelming desire to spend all your time with it!    But, I’ve put aside my cleaned repaired camera, with its shiny brand new prime lens, for …today.

Watercolour mountain indigo naples yellow debiriley.com
Watercolour Mountain landscape, naples yellow, indigo, indanthrone blue

I’m feeling a bit desperate. How I want to study, observe, record and learn with the new lens instead. Fine… you’re right.  I just want to have fun with it!! Sadly,  I’ve left my paints alone for too long, so they come out today.  I absolutely love painting, as I’m sure you can tell. And once I start, I’m off in the zone and have forgotten all about the other.

watercolour paints and brushes debiriley.com
Watercolour Paints and brushes

A quick morning’s  sketch: The first image of the mountain, I was still in Mt. Rainier  ‘Mother of Waters’  mode  I imagine. This  next image was from all my trips to NSW area around Tamworth. As you drive into Tamworth, you can see the gorgeous hazy blue mountain ranges on the eastern side. Its lovely.    Near Tamworth is a great tourist place for gold fossickers called Three Creeks Gold Mine, where we used to go and pan for gold in the bushland creeks. We did an annual trip up there for many years until we moved to Seattle.

NSW blue hills watercolour landscape debiriley.com
Tamworth NSW Watercolour landscape blue hills debiriley.com

And this last image, I’m having a bit of an experimental play with dampened paper, indigo, white, cobalt teal and permanent brown.   Just to see…  “what if?” I quite like how the white gouache helps the stainers to create the wonderful organic patterns.    Its one of my ‘secrets’  –  well,  not now!     White can be such a great tool to use for certain purposes and this is one I definitely love.

watercolour creekbed indigo cobalt teal debiriley.com
Watercolour Creekbed indigo, cobalt teal debiriley.com