3 Amazing Trees and Their Textures

Tree Bark green lichen art photo debiriley.com

Yet another walk with more treasures!  These 3 trees have such lovely colours and patterns, that after I went right past them I felt I needed to go back to have a second look.  Then the camera came out……

Tree Bark green lichen art photo  debiriley.com
Tree Bark Green Lichen art photograph debiriley.com

I loved how the golden green lichen encompassed the orange-sienna fungus creating a beautiful accent in the midst of the silver grey trunk.


Another stunner is this stark white trunk rising up against a velvety deep Ultramarine sky.

ultramarine sky and white tree trunk debiriley.com
White birch Tree Rising Up against the Ultramarine Sky debiriley.com

With Perth’s blazing heat tamed for another few months, I’m getting in as much outdoor walking and photography in as possible! I’m really enjoying the mild temperatures this autumn.  Winter won’t be that bad either. The days will still be pleasant especially in mid afternoons, a perfect time for walks.


This last tree was from a previous walk, but I love its textures so much I had to include it.  The bark has canyons and crevasses with subtle greys and warm fawns that give warmth to the base of the trunk. It feels almost like walking up the tree.

Tree Bark Textures  debiriley.com
Tree Bark Textures debiriley.com

I find all three trees quite inspiring.

Lovely in their own right, they could serve to inspire some drawings or printmaking, or pastels.    At the moment I feel they are, Fine – just the way they are.  I’m not compelled to monkey with them.

I think I feel perhaps, that in these photographs I did manage to convey what I saw and felt when there on location.

That the trees’ authenticity and essence are in the photos.  It’s done, finished.

So  therefore, I don’t feel the need to keep playing around with the images, painting/drawing or   ‘doing more’ to them.

At any rate,  to me they were 3 amazing trees!


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13 thoughts on “3 Amazing Trees and Their Textures

    1. yes, nature at times can be very subtle in the beauty presented, especially when we are looking for that “Big Grand Subject” we tend to overlook what is right in front of us!

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  1. Yeah I love everything about trees – textures of bark, as they grow, as they decay, shapes. The great thing about nature is it never quite repeats. So you never know what you will see next.
    Thanks for your post – it’s good to be reminded 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I really do enjoy all kinds of trees – except fir trees. I am not fond of their towering darkness so much. But I do like to paint them, then I’ll ‘doctor’ them up to suit my fancy 🙂


      1. Yes, Debi. I have made a lot of these bark texture photos some months ago. But due to so many other photos I wanted to publish I forgot these, but they will come sooner or later. Regards Mitza

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  2. Hi Debi, Thanks for sharing your tree shots. The textures and patterns and colors you show are to be treasured. Leslie

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