My artist’s eye is quick to see what my friends and family often miss. I imagine you can relate! The artist’s eye never slumbers, never pauses.  Throughout the day, all day long … its constantly searching….  for textures, colours, shapes, lines, patterns and tones.

beach rock photo Esperance, WA
Beach Rock Textures, Esperance W.A.

Maybe that explains why some are just a wee bit tired at the day’s end,  we’ve been very busy. Doing double duty!


Texture in Nature Photographs

I love the way the rocks and escarpments create textured craggy faces against the sky, and  how different trees have such unique textures to their bark.  Angophora with their cobalt violet skin and dimples, cedar with their maroon and burgundy scales, scribbly gums with the graffiti written all over their trunks.  My friends and family generally, don’t really notice such things. But I’m always looking for “Painting”  subjects and ideas!

I admit, I can become a little eager in such adventures.

Stepping too close to the water’s edge  for a better shot. I ruined a nice pair of  sneakers a few years ago when I was so elated at having found a hidden away small pond with live blooming water lilies!  All so they could be used as reference material.


Inspiration Resources,  Photographs

Hands on, take the time, lets get dirty – going for a walk, photos.   These are the types of reference material that artists really benefit from. And their painting efforts suddenly have quantum leaps ahead.

I know its time consuming. Its messy.

The photos don’t turn out right. Its too cold out,  its too hot out.  My hip/back/knee hurts.  There’s nowhere close by to go. I don’t want to have to go Alone.     Yes indeed,  its all of those!

BUT, If I  do not get outside, go get a hands on ‘live view’  of my subject,  How can I  convey its truth?  If I’m not familiar with its authentic spirit, its essence and feeling – then how can I paint it with conviction?   With power? With emotion?  With authenticity?


So,  my hugging the trees, listening to the 12 types of birds, feeling the gentle caress of a warm breeze upon my face and the  20,000 photos I have accumulated…. oh dear, THAT Many!….  have indeed,   filled my well.  My own photographs,  some are good some are Not … have provided me with the emotional connection and with inspiration.

Taking the photos allowed me to relax in nature and absorb and breathe in its true spirit.

Taking the photographs  and painting  they go  “hand in hand”  for me.   Stirring within me the desire to … Imagine And Create.


Sea Foam photo Esperance WA
Esperance WA Sea Foam in Cobalt Teal photo


A huge Thank You  to all my viewers, sharers, readers and followers for all your lovely support and encouragements!!

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