When the crow calls, what does it mean?  I asked myself on my last bush walking adventure through the  park and through the swamp. Did I know if it was really a crow, or is it a raven?  Inquiring minds want to know so I’d better find out!

Crow Calling Perth, australia photo debiriley.com
When the Crow Calls bushwalking in the swamp debiriley.com

After a morning of research on crow calls, I discovered that my blue eyed bush stalker was a Torresian  crow  ‘corvus orris.’   So I was right, it was a crow, whew!   Honestly, I wouldn’t know what a raven looked like.

Torresian Crows are glossy black, with throat hackle/feathers that fluff up, as you can see in the above photo.  Their eyes are actually white with a cobalt blue ring in them, but when they are young the eyes are brown.  Interestingly like humans.

When it lands on a tree branch it wiggles and shuffles its wings a bit.  I found this rather engaging.  She/he  began making calls in short bursts almost like waiting to hear from another bird.  Which,  indeed was what was happening I found out.

This is a Companion Call.  It sits in a tree, looks around then calls out 1-9 times. Waits and listens. Then repeats this several more times. This is what my crow was doing for about 10 minutes, then perhaps tired of not being answered,  Blue Eyes flew off.

Crows are amazing intelligent!

In Japan, a group of crows have figured out that they drop a hard shelled nut onto the street from the wire above. They wait until a car smashes it open. Then go down to scoop it up. But even better than that…..  recently, they situated themselves near  a pedestrian crossing and wait for the light to Stop the traffic before they swoop down to collect their treat!   I had to see the documentary to believe it was possible. Amazing.


Crow Tree in Swamps Perth Australia debiriley.com
Crow Tree debiriley.com

This was a great walk through the forest and swamp area,  the sense of depth and mystery was intense,  but peaceful at the same time.

The Swamp Crow Perth Australia  debiriley.com
The Crow


The sunlight and foliage in the background with yellows and blues dappling together is a lovely backdrop.  I like the tree too,  but its the background that really I’m most drawn to. I feel that to get the best sense of depth, generally speaking,  the backgrounds play the most important role with their lovely soft edges.


Swamp Trees debiriley.com
The Old Growth Forest Swamp Trees Perth, Australia debiriley.com

Another pleasant walk,  filling the well, gathering creative resources to draw upon down the track.

There’s a lot to be said for the old fashioned  ‘just going for a walk’ !