Lovely and gorgeous,  I couldn’t resist this delicately coloured rose-pink hibiscus on my fantastic “detour” the other day.   I took photos not only of Autumn Water Reflections, but a number of very intriguing subjects as well.   I can’t wait to get out there and accidentally, of course,  have a few more happy detours while the weather is so delightful!

curls of petals hibiscus
Curls of Petals Pink Hibiscus


Beautiful soft and blurred foliage greens act as accents with its complement Pink, especially in the top photo with the darker toned greens.  The green foliage really helps to create more depth, with the middle ground and the background.

If one was to use this as a springboard reference to paint from – I think oils might be the go. My reasoning is that with oils I’d achieve a luminosity and radiance,  a translucency that I feel would come closer to matching the petals’ own radiance.

But, I like the photos. I find them inspiring just the way they are.  So personally, I would just enlarge my photos and frame them.


pink hibiscus
pink hibiscus


hibiscus in the light
Hibiscus Upturned