Autumn Water Reflections

Autumn water reflections photo

I had lots of Good intentions today, but I admit I was led astray… or rather down the garden path. Its my day off, I had a large ‘to do’ list with going to the shops first on my agenda. However –  I stopped and grabbed my camera off the kitchen bench as I was leaving.

water reflections
Water Reflections

I took a detour.  Well, actually I took two detours, but thats besides the point. Both places were in the right direction, I didn’t go out of my way to make the stops. Too much.  I thought perhaps a quick happy snap of something interesting, with textures. And nice colours too. Maybe a tad bit of evocative mood and feeling.  ok.   ….  I was stretching the interpretation of a quick happy snap I suppose.

Taking some photos of the first location  and walking about, I had a brilliant idea to go to the other parkland area and see what was happening.  There are some gorgeous bayou like trees in amongst a swampy area that could be quite nice….. and it was on my way.  It was just 4 minutes away, I told myself.


I arrived, the early morning sun was hitting the paperback trees  – all was lovely.  I was quite disgruntled when I discovered my boardwalk path through the swampy bits had been removed!  Oh no.  I felt very let down. At first.   Maybe I could just sneak around the backside and see if the other pathway was still there.  It was not. Darn.

I took some photos anyway….  through the brambly bits and scrub. They weren’t very nice.  The area is quite dry,  I muttered  as I hauled myself over the stone barrier and down to the Beyond!  Ah Ha!  Now I can get some nice photos I beamed merrily.

Autumn water reflections photo
Autumn Water Reflections photograph

In due course,with all my traipsing around the bush I got heaps of photos –  calling crows, tree bark, sunlit forests, grevillia blossoms.   It occurred to me to actually look at my watch about then.  Boy time flew by, I’d  been gone already 3 hours.

Really now,  this was actually more like a hiking venture getting all this fresh air and exercise.    I think I’ll just consider this my exercise day.  Works for me!    I’m sure my GP will just love my approach to exercise. Not.

golden leaves reflections photo
Golden Leaves Reflections

So just as I was getting so close to my car…. I spied some stunning  pond reflections.  Hmmm.  My day of chores is shot anyway, so hey why not!

I tell myself that    a.  I am getting exercise and    b. its for my website.

Quite pleased with the water reflections with hints of autumn colour to liven up the image.  Lovely textures, great colours, and yes,  I think a bit of atmosphere and feeling in them as well.   Not too bad.

Perhaps I’ll like shopping days after all!

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