Paintings of Forests

A Forest of Firs watercolours

Watercolour, oils, encaustics and mixed media were used for the four paintings featuring types of forests from around the world.  The watercolour painting was a small miniature only 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches and the location was the Pacific Northwest near Bainbridge Island, Washington.


A Forest of Firs watercolours
A Forest of Firs watercolour

The next forest painting  A Golden Grove had a watercolour base, followed by acrylic glazes, with encaustics as the final layers over the entire surface. The brush stroke textures are quite evident as is where I actually ‘poured’ the wax letting it drip onto the surface.  The location was from Bathurst area, NSW.


A Golden grove wax encaustic
A Golden Grove wax encaustic

A Forest in Cobalt Teal started in watercolour but finished off with inks and acrylic clear glazes. The lovely cobalt teal used was a Daniel Smith watercolour, one of my favourite colours.  One of my places I used to go walking was along Fairlight Beach in Sydney which has some great gums trees in the parks nearby.

A forest in cobalt teal mixed media
A Forest in Cobalt Teal mixed media


A Forest in Dreams is a large 1 meter by 1 meter oil painting that I used an old cotton cloth to apply my paints with. The dark black was added at the last using soft charcoal.  This was based from memories of Three Creek Gold Mine, near Bingara NSW.  The painting brings it all back – the trees, branches, saplings and the heat while panning in the creek for gold.


A forest in Dreams   oil painting
A Forest in Dreams oils


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