Late Afternoon Walk (a cure for jet lag)

afternoon autumn walk duck pond

It was late in the afternoon and I was fading.

afternoon autumn walk duck pond
Late Afternoon Autumn Walk duck pond

My eyes felt glued shut, basically no one was home. I may have mentioned last post, I’m battling a bit of jet lag.

I jumped online to see what miracle cures exist for jet lag and discovered that “fresh air” would instantly fix me right up!  Hmmm.  Right!

Did I have the energy to try this new cure or not?  Did I have the determination to get out there for even 5 minutes?  I made up my mind!  I’d get my camera, put my telephoto lens on – which I hadn’t used in 5 years, and time myself for 5 minutes.  I would go at least around the block.  Then, if I was still way too exhausted I’d go home.  Sounded reasonable.

I looked scary. I thought about a big hat to hide behind. Or a hood. I thought about getting all dressed up. ….. to go around the block? am I nuts?!   geesh.    I left the house.

Thoughts foggy, eyes blurry,  I triple checked the house keys were in my pocket.  And kept feeling them periodically as well.  This time,  the jet lag has really got me beat, I was thinking!     Anyway,  off I went, and stopped at the first frangipani bush I saw.

frangipani photograph
Frangipani in Late Autumn Afternoon

Then a grevillia, then Mr. Willy Wag tail bird,  of course the honey eater birds were out late afternoon as well.  The sun was lovely, not too hot. In fact it was just right.  The sun was slowly sliding down over the Perth hills, leaving wonderful cast shadows.  By now, with all this “fresh air”  I was feeling rather good! I decided to go exploring down the road past the meadow into areas previously undiscovered.  By this time, a good hour had gone by and I’d taken 50 photos.

willy wag tail bird
Willy Wag Tail bird
willy wag tail shadows
Willy Wag Tail Shadows

After taking Willy Wag Tail photos, I wandered down the next road and off main street.  There was a lovely little pond.

In amongst the small cobalt blue pond was a group of ducks paddling about. I am not a duck person, I don’t paint them, I don’t photograph them… in general ducks do not interest me.  However, the Featured duck did.

He/she caught my eye and I shot off several photos hoping for one good one.  I have  2-3  nice shots with some great water reflections and grass reeds on the embankments that I really like.

afternoon pond colours
Afternoon Pond Colours

I found a lovely tucked away miniature forest grove that created a wonderful sense of peace and freshness that I managed to take some nice photos of as well.

forest in the suburb
Forest in Suburb

As I headed back home, I decided to be grateful for my jet lag. Without it, I would not have gone out and captured this moment in time.

I look today at the weather, its so totally different.

The shots that were there yesterday late afternoon, are simply not there today. Autumn is a funny season, what exists one day with the sun and the light, vanishes the next day and you probably won’t see it again until next Autumn.

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