Flower Blossom Colour Study

Flower Blossom Colour Study

A simple, yet effective flower study using a new triad of colours in a fun combination. Quinacridone Sienna PO49, Prussian blue Pb27 and Raw Umber PBr7 created all these yellow golds, oranges and the blue greens.


colour study flower watercolours debiriley.com
Colour Study Flower debiriley.com

I used a bare minimum of brushstrokes help to create a more compelling and clean image.

One stroke of prussian blue on a “dirtied” brush,  then three strokes of raw umber and two of quinacridone sienna to blend together – complete the flower.

I did not go back in to try to ‘rework’ or fine tune areas,  this  kept the flower petals from going muddy.



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