Ice Mountain in Watercolours

Ice Mountain

Fun!  Creative and Imaginative. A great way to explore texture, line, colour and tonal values as well as using your imagination!

Ice Mountain
Ice Mountain watercolours


This was done with burnt sienna, french ultramarine and a micron of permanent rose with a plastic wrap technique applied in vertical bands.

Just make sure your watercolour paints are quite sloppy wet, only use 2 colours (3) max,   and put the plastic wrap on straight away!!


The very top was left fairly dry to keep the paint from encroaching into the ‘sky’ area.  The bottom was left relatively empty of paints to provide a sense of space, depth, and better tonal value balance.

The unintended, accidental ‘bleed through’  at the top,  actually adds to the painting. It creates more depth. It creates a sense of increased distance that would not have been there, had the accident not have happened.

I have gotten into the habit of looking at the accidents that happen – first to see what they might do for my painting.  How they can be turned into assets from accidents.

The majority of the time, it works.  But when I immediately get annoyed at the mistake and start scrubbing and fixing and dabbing away……… that is when the area will look completely botched up!


As usual,  this image was done in the midst of a ‘batch’   i.e.    when I paint,   I paint several at a time.  It lessens fiddling, builds skills  and increases the odds of success.


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  1. I agree completely. Keep the accidents. When you try to change them suddenly they look forced. I love your approach Debi; less is more. I have to keep reminding myself. Have a great week 🙂

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