Passion Flower “Espina de Christo”

passion flower espina de christo

In Spain the lovely passion flower has been called “Espina de Christo”  Christ’s thorns.  Apparently around the 15th century Spanish Christian missionaries decided that this flower with its unique structures would make a good symbolic flower.

passion flower espina de christo
Espina de Christo Christ’s Thorns Passion Flower


The sharp leaf tips were to symbolise the Holy Lance;  the tendrils symbolise the whips used on the Christ; the 10 petals for the 10 Faithful followers, excluding Judas and Peter; the filaments to symbolise the crown of thorns;  the ovary shaped like a cup/chalice to represent the Holy Grail;  the 3 stigmas for the 3 nails;  the 5 anthers for the 5 wounds.

The blue and the white colours of the Passion flower are meant to  symbolise purity and heaven.


passion flower
Passion Flower red and blue background

Trivia:    Passionfruit is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, potassium and fiber. They make delicious add ins to fruit smoothies and layered onto chocolate deserts!

garden passion flower
Garden Passion Flower




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  1. Hi Debi, Very interesting to know the history of the passion flower. Your choice of color schemes is a great way to illustrate how backgrounds influence the picture. The missionaries made a great choice for their symbolic flower. Happy Easter, Leslie


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