The humble honey bee, attracted to my lavender  was a cheery, busy little thing inspiring me to get busy myself and take some photos. Which in turn  gave rise to the bee inspired semi abstracted prints.


honeybee photo
Morning Honeybee on Lavender

Taking the actual photos this close to the bee was just a bit daunting, without my telephoto I was literally in her face.  Seeing how I have allergic reactions to stings, I was trying to bee very close yet very careful.


For the Abstract print:  The base layer was an indigo ink which I let dry, then over printed with a gold ink.  It has a semi abstracted quality that intrigues, with just enough detail (legs and wings)  to hint as to the nature of the creature.  It was fun, imaginative and I like the colour choice of indigo/gold.


Indigo and Gold: Bee Inspired
Indigo and Gold: Bee Inspired