Passionfruit Flowers Photographs

passionfruit flower photo

Passionfruit flower photos just in time for the holidays !  It is an exquisite flower, with the lovely cobalt-lavender and yellow complementing each other.  I love the tendril like fronds that seem to be stretching right out, reaching out to touch and connect.

passionfruit flower photo
Passionfruit Flower in our Garden
passionfruit flower blossoms
Passionfruit Blossom from my Garden


The bottom image with its gorgeous misty soft edges in the background, evokes an ethereal feeling.  Yet  with the strength of the deep burgundy it has a fine balance of soft and sharp,  gentle and strong.   I’m really pleased with the way this one turned out.


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6 thoughts on “Passionfruit Flowers Photographs

  1. Beautiful Debi, You have caught that exquisite “relaxed” symmetry and balance that nature does so well. Best wishes, Leslie


    1. Thanks! Having come from the Seattle area to Australia, these were very exotic to me when I first saw them. Thank you for stopping in and having a look!


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