Scarlet Red Flowers: Photographs

Red Open poppies

Stunning scarlet red flowers create powerful and dramatic photographs with their fiery colour displays.  Flame tree blossoms, poppies, roses and grevillia provide lovely eye treats with their colours bursting into life full of red delicious warmth and vitality!

Red is a powerhouse colour; strong, dominant, energetic, lively and full of heat.

As I have mentioned in a post or two,  Perth summers are blazing hot. Perfect for the topic of Red Scarlet flowers!


scarlet red flame tree
Scarlet Red Flame tree blossoms

The rich cobalt sky is a perfect backdrop for these red flame tree blossoms; I find the design is especially more interesting with the blue negative spaces throughout the photo.


Red Open poppies
Red Open Poppies


Love the twin poppies wide open and petals to the sun. The dual drama of scarlet red set against the deep near black background creates a stunning and powerful image.

Red poppies behind the fence lines
Red Poppies behind the Lines

Sneaking through the Lines, the Red Poppies rise up as if to say, “Look, Look at Me!”   And with their bright scarlet petals, they’re hard to miss.

sunlit glowing poppy petals photo
Sunlit and Glowing Poppy Petals


Sunlit glowing poppy petals  have a gorgeous radiance as the light filters through the sheer petal.  The upper right sun spot … just adds an extra touch to the image!  Lucky me!


scarlet orange rose photo
Scarlet Orange Rose with blue-green background

Scarlet Orange rose is stunningly set against the complementary of green-blue background, giving it even more brightness and spark.


red grevillia photo
Red Grevillia

Red grevillia with curvaceous, curling deep crimson stamens creating lovely negative spaces and intricate patterns that delight my eye.


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