Watercolour Landscape: Cerulean and Indigo

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Limiting my watercolour palette to cerulean, indigo and a hint of cobalt violet helps to keep the colours clean. The watercolour landscape with trees and foliage reflecting into the water combined with the cool colours creates serenity and calm.

watercolour landscape cerulean
Watercolour Landscape Cerulean and Indigo debiriley.com

I wanted to maintain a good balanced ratio of light tone, mid tone, dark tone throughout the watercolour without it being overly dark. I wanted glimpses of light to peek through in some areas of the painting.

Because it was meant to be an early morning scene, I didn’t want any bright white showing through. However, looking at it now I feel that the tonal balance might be better if it was cropped just a fraction off the left hand side. I’ll leave the bottom and the top alone as it needs that lighter tone that comes through.

Also I may soften the edges on the left just a bit – before I decide for certain, to crop it.   It may well be that just softening the edges here and there is all it needs to be Resolved.

That’s the beauty of watercolours… even after they are totally dry, you can still return and soften the edges!


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