I find on occasion, myself in a quandary of what to do once I’m finally in the studio with time to paint.  I might have to then look around the studio for some ideas, inspiration, anything that sparks an interest. It could be ‘just playing’ with paint in a glass vase.

Orange glass abstract     debiriley.com
Orange Glass Abstract debiriley.com
Paint Play debiriley.com
Paint Play debiriley.com
division of space debiriley.com
Divisions of Space debiriley.com
gouache scissors debiriley.com
gouache scissors

It could be a full sheet of Indian Village paper Mark Rothko style.

Blue vase debiriley.com
Looking Through the Blue Vase debiriley.com
watercolour blue bottles
Bottles in Blue

It maybe trying to see things from a different perspective

art brushes watercolour
Art Brushes watercolour

It could be monochromatic brush drawing.

And then there’s always my several hundred assorted brushes to create still life paintings from.

Wherever my creativity takes me that day,      for however long or short,   I keep the mindset to   be kind to myself and to   learn from whatever I have done that day.

A favourite quote  I keep in the studio is from Albert Einstein,

Imagination   is more important than knowledge,    for while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand,     IMAGINATION  points to all we might yet discover and  Create.”