Inspired by Orchids- Watercolours and Photographs

orchid in morning

This morning’s sunlight on the white satin orchids and the fuchsia pink was just too tempting to resist. A few nice photos captured the morning light before it vanished!  Later this afternoon the watercolour paints will come out and we’ll be using the cool orchid palette as springboards to our day’s paintings at  Atwell Gallery Zen of Colour.

orchid in morning
Orchid in morning

The cool  pink orchid has lovely hints of blue within its petals, its small centre has the only warmth in the photograph – with a eye catching spotted, sunflower yellow focal area.

angelwings orchid
Angelwings Orchid










green orchid leaves
Green orchid leaves


Adding foliage greens will complement the pink overtones in both orchids:  watercolour paints I may use today might incude   zoisite for its coolness and granulation, serpentine for its hint of yellowy green.

Cerulean, for a soft blue green colour.   Permanent Rose with Rhodonite and a hint of Amethyst for the brighter pink orchid – might be a good recipe to try today.

I’ll experiment.

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