Beginner Artists- Words of Encouragement

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Those who create art, even as beginners:   you are artists.

By virtue of the simple fact  that you have pursued your interest far enough to join an art course, you’ve purchased art materials, and you have begun creating.


You    –   are an artist – for you are creating art.  

 This  is important to realise:  

 Beginners Are Artists.


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Tropical Flora Greens debi riley

Maybe you chose watercolor, or acrylics, oils, pastels, charcoal, maybe pottery, or glass blowing.

But you took the leap into the unknown and started.  Well Done!



Art Beginners’ Encouragement Tips


My  words of encouragement  and advice

  1. Choose artist quality materials –  you will never regret it.  
  2. Choose artist quality instruction, you will reap huge rewards.
  3. Choose artist quality quantity of time to practice your skills, your evidence of progress will amaze you.


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Watercolor Burnt Sienna debi riley



“Art is simply a group of skills.

Skills can be learned.  Skills can be practiced.

Skills can be mastered.”



brushes watercolour
Watercolour Brushes


More Beginner Ideas


When you first start out in painting;   try to read as many good quality books as possible about “getting started”  in painting and take notes.

Failing that,  read just the chapter outlines and then write that information down.

Do that with  – with several….books. Not, just one.  One will be too biased.

By doing this you’ll get an Excellent general idea of the most important tips and key information.



Basic Skills Format Sequence Steps….

Generally, for my classes, I like to use this Sequential format:

(Introduction to materials, tonal values, colour, techniques, design, depth.)

In  that order.



If you follow that sequence of topics you will garner nearly all the information you need to get you well started on your way.


For me,  Materials is always number one  and  Tonal Values number two in lesson sequence.   I sandwich in between those two,  ‘How To make alterations & corrections.’


I found that having the foreknowledge of how to ‘fix’ something helps many people  be able to relax a lot sooner!



Learn Basic Skills and Techniques

Try to find an art course that provides you with a sequential progressive format of those same basics you’ve written down from the books.


I know!….. learning the basics first,  and “not getting to splash the paint around right now and do my own thing!”  may put some beginners off as being ‘boring.’


But, but once you have mastered a basic skill and technique, you never lose it.

Its time and money well worth spent.


It is very difficult for beginners, in any new subject, to try to learn a new topic in a scattered, “willy nilly”  out of ordered sequence.

Most of the time, you will miss out on at least half, of the basics you need to really master the skills.



Beginners,  You need a Plan.

Learning the basics first, is a solid plan to get you started, leading Beginners to much more encouraging and inspiring results than …… without a Plan.





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