Evocative Texture – Part I

UWA wall textures debiriley.com

One of the reasons I love to paint is I can use the paper, canvas,  paints and mediums to create a ‘nearly’ sculptural form that can be felt;  literally and figuratively.

UWA wall textures  debiriley.com
UWA campus building wall textures debiriley.com

When I Photograph, I use the same guidelines generally, but with  different technical approaches. Adjusting shutter speeds, f stops, my own position of sitting or standing or even lying down – will affect what kind of textural result I achieve.

There is more “control”  over the camera than the paints, most definitely. Painting always has an element of ….. stepping off into the unknown.

There is a RISK.  Which, is part of the fun!

Texture can elicit an immediate connection, sensation with the viewer.  Whether you are sculpting, singing, cooking, writing, painting or photographing – Texture plays a vital role for that connection.


I regularly instruct art workshops at the University of Western Australia  UWA extension campus in Perth,  it has a beautiful building and gorgeous grounds. I left early one morning, as I had been wanting to take some photos of the building and grounds for quite some time.

I used the opportunity to photograph a series of images that featured the textural element. There were lovely sandstone ledges, walls, windows, beautiful aged wood door frames and trees on the grounds that I found irresistible.

smooth textural debiriley.com
smooth textural variations debiriley.com

Through Textures you can create many moods, from soft calm smooth peacefulness, to rough hard, abrupt sharpness that is ‘off putting.’

UWA archways  debiriley.com
UWA archways debiriley.com



UWA layers   debiriley.com
UWA layers debiriley.com


UWA  exterior   debiriley.com
UWA exterior arches debiriley.com


UWA extension campus grounds  fantastic trees and their  bark textures.    When you study the textures close up, you see how easy realism swings to abstract expressionism!

Barking Up the Tree   debiriley.com
Barking Up the Tree debiriley.com










snippet of bark   debiriley.com
Snippet of Bark debiriley.com












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