Inspired by The Clouds

sunset photo

Clouds….. The artist’s candy store!   What lovely inspirational things clouds are.  Filled with gold and silver. Bright and bold. Even the plain jane grey clouds can become magnificent purple blacks with rosy inflections.

Joyful Day photo, Northern Territories
Joyful Day photograph Northern Territories,



Georgia O’Keefe has a brilliant quote,

“I found I could say things with color

and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way-

things I had no words for.”


So True.

I love her quote! Many times, its so much easier to express, to communicate “the nuances of feeling”  through art. Through color.

Letting those things tell the story and convey the message.


Sunset photograph Australia
The Sun Sets


sunset watercolor wash, clouds and sky,
Sunset Watercolor Wash


The sun sets and the sky flames.


Warm Landscape - red, orange, yellow
Warm Landscape – red, orange, yellow


Fremantle Dusk
Fremantle Dusk




Drifting clouds can take us on a summer’s journey.

Inspiring, but meaningful as well.


watercolour clouds
Watercolour Clouds


drifting clouds in the sky, watercolor painting
Drifting clouds




Sometimes I paint black stormy skies with just a meager whisper of  light;

or perhaps lovely drifting clouds on a summer day;

or swirls of clouds obscuring the sun and thus the sun paints the sky.

The Scratched Up Sky
The Scratched Up Sky


I didn’t use to like any clouds at all.

Grey clouds were just so…. dark, dreary and ominous.

I think it was growing up in a wet rainy climate.

The correlation for me was,  the glimpse of grey sky heralded months of endless  grey overcast skies.

And I was a Sun lover,  living for Summer!  You can understand,  with close to 320 days of grey skies per year.



Line of Clouds
Line of Clouds


But of course,  ‘Summer’ is always here in Perth.  (To my mind, at any rate.)

When the clouds and rain do come to Perth, I grab my camera.  Never know when the next lot of clouds might show up.  So, make hay when the sun shines.  Ooops.   reverse that!

I certainly do like the clouds now.


storm clouds, sky painting watercolors,
The Wind and The Storm


When I am wondering… What to Paint?

These  clouds can be  my Inspirations.


I can pull the photos  out and use them as “Springboards”  or  reference idea generators for my paintings.  To remind me of a certain mood and atmosphere.


Wild colors morning sky colors, photo,
Wild Colors Morning



glorious Perth Wa sky photo
Glorious Perth Sky photo



I  love  the inspiration I get from all clouds now.  What a magnificent candy store!




This post is a revised  updated version of Feb. 2015 post with additional text and photographs.


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  1. Hi debi…love your work! And miss you; Georgia o’keefe is coming to Tacoma art museum in March! Hope you are doing well! Kathy and chris

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    1. Thank you very Much Kathy! That means a lot to me. I miss you guys too and think about the classes so often! Such a nice group of people. If I could just trot on over, I’d be there to see Georgia! Did you know I have you partly to thank for getting more involved with “computers”!? You – did Inspire me to do so. So here I am. lol


    1. Excellent! great to have some feedback on the posts – especially when I’m doing something a little different! Thanks Leslie very much


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