Clouds: The Impressionist Approach

Clouds Drifting By

Colourful, bold, Impressionist cloud painting in watercolours captures the mood of the day near Warwick, Queensland.

Clouds Drifting By
Clouds Drifting By

A limited palette of three tubes of paint  and mixing  them has provided more than enough colours to create a lovely sense of aerial perspective.

Notice the warmer orange browns are in the foreground and the cooler colours,  grey greens are further in the distance. This is a great tool to help you obtain a sense of depth.


3 Tube Mixes by
3 Tube Mixes by

This is just one of the many charts I’ve done using the 3 tubes of paint:  cobalt blue pb28      permanent rose pv19     winsor lemon  py175

Have a look at post on materials and the post on   depth    for additional information on  the colours chosen and obtaining more depth.


To paint with freedom and boldness –  I chose to work on dry paper.  I find I make much more definite, free, confident and sure brush strokes using dry paper than wet. (Most of the time!)


With Dry paper it  allows me to use the white of the paper, for the lovely white edges of the clouds.  I swept the cobalt in a diagonal direction to help lead the eye into the painting, making sure the cobalt was darker on top and lighter at the horizon.



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