Beauty  from Chaos

Beauty from Chaos

Watercolor Beauty  from Chaos, portrays the landscape as if looking down from an airplane.

With a free flowing organic approach,  the colors melt and merge.

Running along the paper’s crevices cracks and seams, just as they do upon the rough terrain of land.

beauty from chaos
Beauty from Chaos


Watercolor Beauty from Chaos

I’ve used a Full Sheet 22×30 inches 100% cotton Rough Fabriano watercolor paper.

Cerulean and Burnt Umber make great “earthy” partners, and provide the eye with the inference of “land.”  For more on these, have a look at a previous post Cerulean.

It’s paired with Burnt Umber and  Prussian blue pb27, with gorgeous textural effects.


In its abstracted nature,  it still draws me in.

There still is  a place for my eye to gravitate towards as a focal point area amidst all the chaos and all the soft blurred edges.

And I find Beauty.



I’ve used an  aerial ‘above earth’    viewpoint,  very typical of  Fred Williams or John Olsen, Robert Juniper style approaches.







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