Resolving An Old Painting

resolved painting

A few weeks ago I posted  Good News about Epic Art Failures filled with several exuberant images that were not yet resolved.

I had a bit of a think and reassessed the mountain created with watercolours using a palette knife.

resolved painting
Resolved painting


I determined that the perimeters needed quite a bit of softening, which was done very gently with a delicate touch.

An experimental piece, the surface used is a smooth crisp white  mat board and it does not take kindly to vigorous scrubbing action.


Also required was lifting of deep dark tones where in several places the paint was just too dense; the subsequent corrections has uplifted the painting. It now has more tonal balance, more luminosity and light.


Placing it on the blue mat  seems to emphasise the warmth of the burnt sienna and also picks up the hints of blue used in the mountain as well.

Its a much better image than when I first began and I’m fairly content with the resolutions at this point.

But,  I may decide in a few weeks to return to it to give it a bit more warmth and depth.


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