Igniting the Fires of Creativity: art workshops

image by Karen Price

Igniting the fires of the imagination is a subject close to my heart.  I firmly believe we all have been given a form of creativity,  though as the years progress, for many of us,  it may have gone into hiding.  This post features several students’  imaginative and original art pieces created in class.

image by Karen Price
image by Karen Price


Its my calling as a ‘teacher’  to facilitate in  bringing out the creativity that exists in those who participate in my workshops and art courses.

The next next couple posts will feature samples of some of the embers of creativity that have been fanned into flames.   (….and yes, I admit,  I am most probably biased!  As a mentor, I nurture,  build,  ‘fledge’  the hatchlings… all the while hoping they continue to soar the skies freely.)

The 1st image ‘google’  collage mixed media by Karen Price  at Atwell Gallery.  The 3rd image ‘sun rays’ by Nicola Smyth also at Atwell Gallery. Both have now advanced into other course studies. Last image ‘bird of paradise’  by student participant at University of Western Australia extension.

yupo with watercolour by Victoria Jane
sun's rays by Nicola Smyth
sun’s rays by Nicola Smyth











Blues Ink by Sandra









knife by Eleanor
palette knife by Eleanor










midnight pour  by Steph
midnight pour by Steph
Attwell student
Lyrical by Atwell student
UWA workshop  student
UWA workshop student

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