The lovely calming colours of the ocean in this acrylic and palette knife painting created just the right ambience! Acrylics colours used were cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, cobalt teal, buff mixed with burnt sienna.  This was very enjoyable to paint,  Great Fun!

Sheltered Cove
Sheltered Cove

I focused on textural effects with the knife, trying to lead the eye in from the beach and up through the  shallows. The rough deep dark ultramarine acts as the area of interest, with the space behind cooler and more subdued.

Overall this is a cool dominant temperature theme but has a whisper of buff for warmth in the foreground beach area. I wanted to remember the guidelines of aerial perspective in this to help create the illusion of more depth. Warmer in the front foreground and progressing into the cooler colours into the background.

The paper I chose was Arches cold press working first on dampened paper then letting it progressively dry as I used the palette knife to get some rougher textures.  I am really partial to using the palette knife,  with just about all the media I have.