What to paint?!   Ideas can be garnered from a simple roll of masking tape.  Yesterday’s post I mentioned using circles, flowers,  even  a roll of tape for painting ideas.

masking tape creativity debiriley.com
masking tape creativity debiriley.com




masking tape – an inspiring and creative tool

just  Imagine  how it could be used in your designs

think outside the box,  take a risk, see what happens




colour chart debiriley.com
colour chart masking tape templates debiriley.com


totally out of ideas one day,  I created this chart

my colour  chart,     created with  masking tape rolls    as templates !

4 Categories of  Paint Pigments

Transparents,  Granulating, Staining, Opaques









the  humble roll of tape:

masking tape  debiriley.com
roll of tape debiriley.com