Tree Paintings Watercolours

impressionist watercolor landscape, painting foliage greens, hornsby bushland

Watercolours are a versatile medium, they don’t have to be wishy washy. They can be bold with bright sunlight dappling the forest or calm, serene.  Two of my personal favourite tree paintings

hornsby bushland
Hornsby bushland

These  are two of my favourite watercolour tree paintings. Very different from each other one so very tranquil,  the other with shadows & light flickering across the park and  gorgeous cerulean foliage splattered across the canopy.

Hornsby Bushland:  painted on site,  using watercolour with gouache on dry Arches paper.




Sunrise:   A quiet, serene, early morning view.  Perfect for collecting one’s thoughts and getting the day in order.

Sunrise: painted in studio, watercolour wet into wet.  I’d used just 2 colours only.  Naples Yellow and the lovely Indanthrone Blue.





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