Zen of Colour: In the Forest

zen of colour: forest in cobalt teal blue pg50, debiriley.com

Zen of Colour: In the Forest    is a creative  interpretative  watercolour  painting that evokes a lovely sense of tranquility.   This is primarily due to the simplified palette of mainly,   3 tubes of paint.

zen of colour: forest  debiriley.com
Zen of Colour: In the Forest

I’ve used indigo for the deep darks,  zoisite a green grey for the back ground,  cobalt teal for the splashes of foliage shapes and just a mere blush of burnt sienna dusting the fore ground.

The economical application of colour, details, tonal variations helps to provide a sense of mood and atmosphere. The sense of depth is subtle, with the foreground and middle ground dominant.

It has kept a  feeling of serenity, which would be easily lost if too many details, colours, ‘bells and whistles’ were added into the scene.   I enjoy this painting, feeling like I can walk through a nice cool, bush forest just hearing the quiet rustle of the leaves and a few soft calls of the birds.



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