Acrylic Mixed Media Bright Floral

bright coral orange flowers in blue teal vase, acrylic painting,

Bold cobalt and turquoise paired with rich orange & scarlets make a stunning pairing!   I haven’t sold this one as of yet;  I’d been “enjoying its company”  for a while.   It has a lovely fresh impressionistic feeling, very light and colourful.

bright florals cobalt blue
Bright Florals

The process involved a loose drawing on sketch paper, then  taping plastic wrap over the sketch securely.  Using acrylic paints rapidly paint quite loose, wet, fast the main shapes onto the plastic wrap.  I had to work fast, as acrylic dries quickly in the summer in Perth.

Next lay a sheet of Hot Press paper over the plastic wrap carefully and press lightly to soak up the paint onto the Hot Press paper. I did spray mist my paper just a wee bit beforehand to ensure I’d get a good smooth coverage of paint.

The paper I used is Arches Hot Press for its smoothness and for its great colour enhancing qualities.

Peel the paper diagonally back and off the plastic wrap. Carefully.

My image had some some soft edges and beautifully bold colour pairings that I wanted to emphasise with more acrylic.  Later once it dried more,  I then was able to use the oil pastels for more accents here and there to bring shapes and colour out.

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