Imagination is the beginning of creation

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George Bernard Shaw’s brilliant quote, “Imagination is the Beginning of Creation”  is one I love.

Calvin Coolidge said, “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.”

Both persistence and imagination have been my ‘co helpers’ as I paint and create for over two decades.


The Waterfall


Imagination and Creation


Imagination, creation, inspiration and persistence –  I believe they are all interconnected.


When I hit a long dry spell artistically,  the Calvin Coolidge reminder to just…. “Persist” keeps me moving forward.



And regardless of how minute that progress is, its been enough.

Some times, just not quitting is the step forward.

Sometimes, getting up from the tumble, is the step forward.


It is enough.

The mind sees it as ‘forward movement.’





Painting Beginnings


The Waterfall,  was an imagined place.  From many memories and from colors swirling in my mind.  Loose and fresh; bold and free.

I personally paint my best, without constraints.

Without dictates of exact precision.  Of needing to record that precise location; I leave that, for my camera lens.

I paint and create best unfettered.

With Feeling ad Mood, Color and Character.



The Amethyst Sodalite watercolor painting below, was done purely with imagination.

I did follow some general basic art guidelines, but the subject matter was from my own imagination and memories.


Yes, Mr. Shaw,  imagination is the beginning of creation.


Amethyst, Sodalite




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