What to Paint first?! Backgrounds

Summer impressionist watercolor landscape painting, debiriley.com

Many new painters wonder which part of the painting to start first. Often beginning with the focal point, or the foreground.

However, this presents a dilemma for beginners, as then it becomes much more difficult to get the tonal values correct.

As well as then its also much harder to obtain a smooth, seamless transition from the background to middleground and into the foreground.

Summer colours debiriley.com
Summer colours debiriley.com

Generally speaking, for most beginners, I recommend that the background is painted first.   Then, move forward to paint the middleground, continue on to the foreground. Last of all, paint the focal point.
By practicing this technique, you will achieve stronger designs, more appropriate soft & hard edges, and get much better depth in your paintings.


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  1. Excellent advice! I am doing that right now with my latest painting! Thanks!


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