Painting Foregrounds: Perspective Tips

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Depth and perspective in paintings can be tricky at first for beginners.

But it gets a lot easier when you know and follow a couple of logical and simple tips and guidelines.


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Salt Pan Lake landscape watercolors



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NT Gorge


Simplify The Subject


Break it up into simplified segments.

Divide the scene into divisions of Background, Middleground and Foreground.

Straight away this helps you to identify more easily what to do, in each of these areas.



I’ve listed below some of the most important steps regarding painting the foreground.


1. Foregrounds generally will have warmer colours in front, ie scarlets, terracottas, oranges, golden ambers, olive

2. Foregrounds generally will have sharper, more in focus, harder edges

3. Foregrounds generally will have deeper stronger tonal values


4. Foregrounds generally will have more texture, details, variations, contrasts




(Keep in mind that the further away an object is,  it becomes less sharp, less detailed, less bright, contrasty, less textured and less varied.)


watercolour sky and tree landscape,
Morning Breaks, watercolour landscape

This example shows how dark the foreground is as well as being more sharp in focus than the background.




Green HIlls watercolor, easy beginners landscapes, debi riley painting for watercolor beginners,
Green HIlls Watercolor

This example shows  how the tones are darker in the foreground, the edges are sharper, there is more detail, more contrasts, and there is more warmth in the colors in the foreground than the background.




landscape tree painting, gum tree, depth
Gum Tree in the Bush

This example shows the foreground being warmer, darker, more detailed, more textured, sharper edged than the background.









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