Wondering what Basic Watercolour Materials to buy and use?  Do you want to keep it simple and without hurting the pocket book too much?!   With these tips using a minimum of materials you can start off on the right foot with watercolours.

Arches cold press debiriley.com
Arches watercolour paper Cold Press debiriley.com
Twinrocker Feather Deckle watercolour handmade paper debiriley.com
Twinrocker Feather Deckle handmade cotton watercolour paper debiriley.com
Fabriano rough watercolour paper debiriley.com
Fabriano Rough watercolour paper

I have each those 3 types of paper on hand for when I want to just have some watercolour fun and “play”…  but my standard go to watercolour paper is Arches rough 300gsm.

Beginners watercolour materials pared down to the bone –  3 tubes of paint, 1 sheet of paper, 1 brush –  makes learning easier, less initial outlay and better results, faster.

Paper:        Arches Rough 300gsm     (100%  cotton paper)            100% cotton paper  is really a necessity for the absolute beginner in my opinion.  This paper never lets anyone down. This is the paper that will allow for mistakes, permit scrubbing, will easily lift paint mistakes off,  provide you with a lovely surface front side and backside to paint on  (specifically Arches Rough)  which you could….  . Rinse off; dry; and start again,  using the specific 3 tubes of paint below.

Also,  for more paper information you can go to the  December  16,  2014 post on paper.

3 Tube Mixes by debiriley.com
cobalt pb28; permanent rose pv19; winsor lemon py175 debiriley.com


These  3 Tubes of paint create 100’s of mixes.  The   “pb  pv py”   numbers  are  very important !    This  lets you know with certainty that the paint is genuine and not a cheaper substitute that will not perform the task required.

Daniel Smith watercolours,  Winsor & Newton  or Art Spectrum:       Cobalt Blue  pb28                   Permanent Rose pv19                   Winsor Lemon  py175

 Rekab brush debiriley.com
Rekab 320S brush

Brushes:       1  Brush       a  100%   Squirrel hair    mop    Rekab 320s #2 (Isabey,   or  Raphael,  or  Rekab,  or  Roymac,  or  Winsor & Newton)  are all nice squirrel brushes – the Rekab is my favourite.

The Rekab 320s  which is featured (front)  in this photo comes to a super fine tight point. It has an excellent paint load carrying capacity, allowing one stroke of paint to glide and stretch across the paper beautifully.

You only will ‘need’ this   1   brush, it is  that sensitive and  versatile.

For more information on my suggestions for brushes see the December 13,  2014 post on Brushes.